Batch Prototyping with RTV

high quality surface finish


Sometimes 3D printing is not an option, as costs are too hight and too much time is needed. For small batch prototyping, injection moulding may also be way to expensive. There is an alternate way to go. Room temerature vulcanization (RTV) casting may be the answer to your prototyping process. It offers high quality surfaces, quick moulding time, easy colourchanges and functionality. The product almost feels like a production part.

The above prototype is a feasibility study for the paradigm of foldable computing. More to come soon...
Below the flexible buttons cast for the PlazaPuck project. The exploration was using different Shore-grades to find out which one would be up to resist the rough requirements of the street. Furthermore, the impact of colouring on tear resistance was tested.




Patrick Tobias Fischer

Projects which used RTV casting: