ROKKA spot -

Ideation and Implementation Process


Creating a public interface with an “incidental form of social”.
Merging architectural properties and social properties in an computational situated device.

Ideation Process

The ideation process was approached from multiple perspectives, looking into innovative hard- and software ideas, research for new forms, but also into new materials and uses of space. The guiding dimensions and their entanglements are shown below.

Analysis_ of Form

Early on in the process we were worried if kicking is an issue in public space. As it might socially interpreted as a violent act, we thought reactions of crossing pedestrians might be aggressive once in a while. Thus we did a little study with the best sliding system we found that far - the green buiscuit.

Analysis_ of Material

The research into the best way of getting an object to travel a long resp. defined distance over tarmack led us to the purchase of the green buiscuit. A street hockey puck which is considered one of the "best" sliding pucks on the market. The use of it made us understand it is not just the material that makes a thing slide well, but also the construction technique, which is quite elaborated. We also understood what is considered "best" in the context of street hockey. Distance and low affinity to tumble and roll are quality properties for good street hockey pucks. However, this section is about material and the exploration of different materials led us to different ideas.

Analysis_ of Space



Conceptual Ideas_ from Material

Rope Concept

Bench Seating

Remote Concept

Shoe Concept

Arrow Concept

Tagging Concept

Mirror Concept

Conceptual Ideas_ from Software


Conceptual Ideas_ from Hardware

Position frough Shadow



Apprearance prototype_ Arrow Concept


Space_ Using GPS for micro-spatial interaction


Software_ Situation Manager

The general idea of the situation manager software was a modular design in which wireless sensor and actuator modules can be orchestrated as needed. The video below shows a sensor module of the PlazaPuck. It is a combination of a compass sensor and a Wizard-of-Oz module for positioning on the plaza. The viedo shows the "viewing frustum" of the puck turning red if it "sees" a statue (visualized by a square) placed at George Square, Glasgow.









Patrick Tobias Fischer (Research & Development)
Adeeb Umar (Engineer)